Coaching Policy

Coaching Policy

Macquarie Hunter Athletics Inc values the role of coaches and we have the highest regard for the long term interests and growth of an athlete.

In the interests and safety of our members, only coaches contained on the Club’s coaching register are permitted to attend and conduct training during published club training sessions. Additional adults may assist coaches during those sessions providing that direction is obtained from the coach. To be recognised as a Macquarie Hunter coach and be listed on the Club’s coaching register and various information documents, the following policies MUST be adhered to.


1. Be a financial member of the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association (ATFCA) and abide by the ATFCA code of Ethics. It is important that you notify the Club of any changes in regard to your ATFCA qualifications each season.

2. Have signed a Registration Form and this form must be approved by two executive committee members. This will entitle you to have your name and contact details officially registered with the club in the Club’s coaching register which is listed annually in the Season Handbook.

3. Agree to comply with all policies of Macquarie Hunter Athletics Inc as a minimum; the following Policies should be read in conjunction with this Policy; a) Member Protection Policy b) Risk Management Policy c) Disciplinary Policy

4. Be available to train Club athletes for at least one Club published training session per week during the Summer Athletics Season and have an attendance record of at least 75% of those training sessions that you have nominated.


1. You encourage athletes to attend your training sessions providing that they are currently not associated with another Coach unless it is agreed by both coaches.

2. You continue to update your knowledge of your respective event / discipline and of emerging sports science research that supports the ongoing growth and development of an athlete who is the member of our Club in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

3. You have a current First Aid Certificate

Providing you have met all of the above criteria and remain listed on the Club’s Coaching Register; we will support you by providing you with;

1. Appropriate Training Equipment;

2. Suitable Training Facilities; and

3. Access to Club Members who currently do not have an allocated coach.